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  • 产品名称: 5A02 aluminum plate
  • Thickness: 0.15-600mm
  • Status: O、H24、H32、H34、H112
  • From quantitative: 3T
  • typical application: Fuel tank, GIS high-voltage switch shell, flange, rivets or welding rod
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  5A02 aluminum plate for the Al-Mg Department of rust-proof aluminum alloy, not heat treatment to strengthen. The low magnesium content of the alloy, its high plasticity, good formability, cold deformation can improve its strength. Good corrosion resistance of the alloy, suitable for use in marine environments. The weldability of the alloy is good. Semi-cold for cherry blossom state can improve the machinability.

Typical alloys Material status thickness(mm) width(mm) length(mm) Typical products
5A02Aluminum plate O,H12,H14,
H112,H114,H 116,H321
0.15-600 300-1600 800-6000
Ship traffic vehicles sheet metal parts, fuel tanks, flanges,
GIS high-voltage switch shell and so on
1,5A02 alloy aluminum plate is higher, but the strength is lower, its corrosion resistance and weldability are good;
2, good corrosion resistance, suitable for use in marine environments;