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  • 产品名称: Food packaging foil
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Alloy series Typical alloys Material status thickness(mm) width(mm) length(mm)
1 series 1060、1100 O、H22、H24 0.018-0.2


3 series 3003
5series 5052
8series 8011、8021、8079

1, into the foil rolling: the introduction of international top-level equipment to improve the quality of aluminum foil to improve the yield

Using the Andritz plate roller, in order to achieve a good plate type provides a guarantee. Using Honeywell gage, to ensure the precise control of the thickness of the export.

2, strong mechanical properties: superior performance of air, temperature performance

First-class equipment and top instruments to ensure the food packaging foil printing and mechanical properties, improve product performance and temperature performance of air separation.

3,0 tons Annealing furnace: natural gas annealing, heating up fast, the effect is good

Furnace equipment, including box-type furnace, air circulation system, diversion device, purge and exhaust system, bayonet heater, door, door lift and clamping device, cooling water system. The maximum working temperature of the furnace is 650 ℃, the temperature difference is ≤ ± 5 ℃, the metal annealing temperature is 120 ~ 580 ℃, the temperature difference of the metal is ≤ ± 3 ℃.