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  • 产品名称: 3003
  • Thickness: 0.2-4.5mm
  • Status: O、H12、H14、H16、H18、H22、H24、H26、H28、H32、H34
  • From quantitative: 3 tons
  • typical application: Power battery shell material
  • Views : 69

  3003 aluminum plate is a typical Al - Mn alloy, this material has good formability, good corrosion resistance and weldability, often used to make lightweight of automobile power battery shell, cooking utensils, food storage, transport equipment on the cans, warehouse, sheet metal pressure vessel and piping.

Typical alloy Material status The thickness of the(mm) The width of the(mm) The length of the(mm) Typical products
3003 aluminum plate O,H12,H14,H16
0.2-4.5 300-1600 800-6000 Power battery shell, such as following

  1, with excellent anti-rust properties.

  2, good forming property, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and conductivity, strength is higher than in 1100.

  3, surface smooth, good plasticity and resistant to pressure;

  Preferred 4, power battery shell plate, with a shock, not easily broken and leak, can meet the requirements of power battery shell for strength and rigidity.