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China Internet Conference 2015 opening of "Internet" into the General Assembly key words

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2015 China Internet Conference opened on July 21, "Internet of Things" has become one of the key words of the General Assembly. Internet Society of China launched the "Internet of Things Working Committee" announced the formal establishment. In this conference, Baidu, 360 responsible person, respectively, in different forums, referred to the "Internet of things."

Internet Society of China Internet of Things Working Committee announced the occasion of the establishment of that will be a collection of government, industry associations, science and technology enterprises tripartite forces, the release of all things connected industrial dividend. Zhang Yaqin, president of Baidu, was elected chairman of the committee. He said that in the next five years, there will be at least five billion new devices are connected, the data Ye Hao, equipment Ye Hao, will show exponential, explosive growth.

YaBin said the Internet has a great impact on lifestyle, such as "Uber no car, is the world's largest travel company; Airbnb no hotel, but it is the world's largest hotel company." Baidu in the virtual world to find information , Now indexes the real world, connecting people and services. The future, will be in the medical, education, logistics, finance, manufacturing and other areas to increase investment.

For the Internet of things, 360 CEO Qi Xiangdong from a security point of view. In the "Internet + security brings new opportunities to build a new network security space," the keynote session, Qi Xiangdong talked about "Internet of Things" trend of security threats. He said that when the cameras, routers, cars, wear equipment, intelligent medical equipment, etc. are connected to the Internet, just from the security point of view of the Internet has been unable to solve the problem. The traditional network security protection system has collapsed, offensive and defensive mode is out of date. Traditional security equipment, local equipment, or terminal protection means has been unable to effectively detect unknown threats, 360 also carried out the relevant transformation.

Qi Xiangdong believes that to solve the "Internet of Things" era brings new security issues, must be from the data to the staff, to the full application of large-scale data technology. End users, the security event spread to the cloud, and then through the analysis of large data in order to be able to secure the overall situation has a comprehensive control.

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